Big Creek Golf & Country Club
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Mountain Home, Arkansas 72653
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Hole 1

An excellent starting hole. The fairway is framed by existing oak trees and your tee shot should favor the left while avoiding the fairway bunker newly installed in 2022. The uphill second shot must avoid the large bunker guarding the front right of the green and the grass depression that lies over the putting surface. The green is slightly undulated with a terrace back right.

Hole 2

This par 5 can be reached in two by only the longest hitters. The tee shot must avoid the pond on the right and most golfers will try to position their second shot on the right side of the fairway, avoiding the fairway bunker on the left. This allows a very slightly uphill approach to a well-guarded green surrounded with three bunkers on the right and on the left.


Hole 3

This short finesse hole offers the golfer many opportunities to go for this reachable par 4 in one by avoiding the numerous sand bunkers and flying the heavily landscaped rough on the left. The safe play is to use a medium to long iron and play to the right, setting up a wedge into the undulated green.

Hole 4

A picture postcard par 3 that can be just as demanding as it is beautiful. The front right pin position demands a precise approach shot. There is plenty of fairway to the left and behind the green, which allows the more timid player the opportunity to ensure he is over the water with a chance of chipping back to save his par.

Hole 5

“Grip it and rip it” on this demanding uphill par 5. This is definitely a three-shot hole where your tee shot needs to avoid the bunkers on the left, your second shot avoid the bunker on the right, and your uphill third shot avoid the large front left bunker and hope for a two putt.

Hole 6

This is the most attractive par 3 and requires precise club selection. It is guarded by a large sand bunker behind the green and a series of grass depressions in the front and to the left. There are many subtle breaks throughout this putting surface that will make a score of par a luxury.

Hole 7

This brutal par 4 is the longest on the course, but it is bunkerless and plays downhill. So you have *that* going for you. The secret is to keep the ball on the short grass so you can chip or putt for par.

Hole 8

Your tee shot must avoid the bunker on the right and the trees on the left to set up a medium iron approach to a slightly elevated green. Two bunkers guard the front left and a rock ledge protects the right side of the green. This tricky green has a general east-to-west slope that catches many putts by surprise.

Hole 9

Another difficult par 4 where a draw is almost a necessity from the back tees. Your drive must avoid the trees forming the left corner of the dogleg and the sand bunker on the right. Your uphill approach to the green is difficult with the tree guarding the left side and a large bunker fronting the right. There are numerous additional bunkers surrounding and protecting a most undulating surface.  

Hole 10

This dramatic risk-reward par 5 will set the stage for scoring on a demanding back nine. If your tee shot finds the fairway and avoids the bunker on the left, your decision will be either to lay up short of the green, avoiding the bunkers and trees, or go for the peninsula green surrounded with a rock wall and bunker. The green is quite large and will be receptive to a long iron or a fairway wood approach.

Hole 11

Your tee shot must be fashioned so as to avoid the woods on the right and Big Creek on the left. The green is protected on the left by the creek, the right and back by two sand bunkers. This green has some wild undulations and requires a deft approach.

Hole 12

This long par 4 is the #2 handicap hole and requires a tee shot that should be placed on the right side of the fairway, avoiding the bunker on the left. This leaves a lengthy uphill approach for those unable to drive it to the top of the hill. This interesting green surface is separated into three distinct areas: a back right tier; a lower half; and then an extended back left area where the putts take on more slope.

Hole 13

This downhill par 3 plays to a green guarded by a bunker on the front left and middle rear as well as a devillishly strategic small oak tree guarding the front left of the green. Hole locations in the back right that aren't struck true are cruelly rejected to the right by a diagonal slope that refuses to let short shots bound forward.

Hole 14

The last of the par 5s requires an accurate tee shot to avoid the bunkers on the left, and Big Creek, which bisects the fairway at an angle and is very much in play. The second shot needs to avoid the bunker on the right to allow for an approach to a bunkerless green, which is framed by a series of grass depressions and is the largest on the course at some 40-odd yards deep. You can find yourself on the green but still face a daunting two-putt.

Hole 15

This beautiful par 4 depends entirely on your tee shot. Big hitters can carry the lake to the left side of the fairway offering the highest ground with the most direct path to the green. Or you can play it safe out to the right, but that leaves you well down the slope with a forced carry over the front bunker. Other bunkers guard this multi-tiered green.

Hole 16

This short par 4 on the back side just begs you to challenge it with the driver. A safer play requires a well-placed fairway wood or long iron to carry the fly bunker on the left side of the fairway. Your wedge shot must find the correct terrace on the green to allow for a chance for a birdie.

Hole 17

This monster par 3 may require as much as a driver to find the elevated putting surface. Don’t miss left, right or long, for your comeback chip may prove to be just as hard as hitting to the hood of a car.

Hole 18

This demanding, dogleg-left finishing hole will separate the men from the boys, and the women from the girls. Be bold and carry the large bunker on the left, but don’t cut off too much or you’ll find the tall grass and OB left.  Your uphill approach will be anywhere from 180 to 225 yards to a severely contoured putting surface flanked by bunkers. There is a bailout area over the green short of the rock ledge which forms a natural setting for crowds watching big matches.

Course Design

Big Creek Golf & Country Club sprawls over nearly 200 acres of rolling Ozark terrain featuring four lakes and Big Creek itself. White sand bunkers, lush zoysia fairways and L-93 bent grass greens provide a perfect setting for a memorable test of golf. A wide array of hole layouts makes Big Creek challenging, yet enjoyable for all. Five sets of tee boxes ranging from 5,068 yards up to 7,320 yards, along with large greens, ensure that Big Creek is a course that will always offer both challenge and enjoyment to golfers of every ability.

If you need to sharpen your game, spend some time on our state-of-the-art practice facility featuring a massive, three-tiered, 400-yards-deep driving range, separate putting and chipping greens, and large practice bunkers.

Course Information

Big Creek’s par 4’s range from the relatively short (but heavily bunkered) 325-yard #16, all the way up to the brutal #7 at 491 yards. The four par 5’s include two that may be reachable (depending on your risk / reward decision) and two that are definitely three-shot holes. The four par 3’s all face in different directions with each offering unique challenges – whether they be water, sand or mainly length. The five sets of tees allow every caliber of golfer to play the course to their level of challenge.

Tee Information

Black Tees

  • Par - 72
  • Yardage - 7,320
  • Rating - 75.7
  • Slope - 139

Black/Blue Combo Tees

  • Par - 72
  • Yardage - 7,015
  • Rating - 74.4
  • Slope - 136

Blue Tees

  • Par - 72
  • Yardage - 6,740
  • Rating - 72.7
  • Slope - 129

Blue/White Combo Tees

  • Par - 72
  • Yardage - 6,413
  • Rating - 71.6
  • Slope - 127

White Tees

  • Par - 72
  • Yardage - 6,197
  • Rating - 70.1
  • Slope - 125

Gold Tees

  • Par - 72
  • Yardage - 5,807
  • Men's Rating - 68.6
  • Women's Rating - 73.2
  • Men's Slope - 120
  • Women's Slope - 132

Red Tees

  • Par - 72
  • Yardage - 5,068
  • Rating - 69.3
  • Slope - 122